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Benjamin Apollos

Led by Benjamin Apollos is a PhD student and has 36 years experience as fitness program management expert and more than 45 years as an athlete himself leads a team of qualified health, beauty and fitness professional are poised to help you navigate to the next level and sustain there. Whether you have a corporate fitness studio at your home, business location, school, church or non-profit organization, we have design to build programs, fitness studio and fitness center building and construction programs, fitness franchise & fitness program licensing programs, fitness studio files, publications and manual and operations development, fitness center recovery programs for failing centers, fitness program development programs, fitness center management programs, fitness program logistics, fitness studio management software, fitness dues and fitness management programs, group training programs, group program building programs, group management programs, fitness instructor certifications, personal trainers, satellite personal training programs, other custom fitness design programs and our revolutionary genetic fitness and DNA testing programs to fill your needs.

Vision Statement

Genetic Fitness Matrix, what is it?...a set of genetic algorithm methods for optimizing a position weight matrix through the application of perfected diet and exercise.

The GENETIC FITNESS MATRIX (GFM) is a system that consists of scientific research and a laboratory DNA test for specific gene dynamics and conditions in a person's genetic makeup that have been found to influence health.

A Customer Health Profile survey which scales valuable information about various lifestyle and behavioral habits which are directly related to different gene traits tested. Through our Self-Discovery and Professional Discovery Programs and our secret algorithm, we come away with the perfect eating and exercise program for each individual served.

The Best Of Benjamin Apollos


BEFORE - 5 "9", 232 lbs, 34% Body Fat 

In March 2012 Benjamin Apollos, while going through clinical depression and ballooning to a very unhealthy 232 lbs., and now with several illnesses connected to the obesity, he was now experiencing, decided to become proactive to see if there was a scientific way that we could lose nearly 50 pounds of excess weight and never regain it.

Perplexed and struggling, he knew that he didn't want to take on another FAD diet that he couldn't continue to use daily, he came up with the idea of Genetic testing for eating and exercise perfection. After ordering and having three separate Genetic/DNA tests from three separate companies taken, he realized that there are many testing modules on a scientific level using a person's DNA sample.

After reviewing one report, he realized that one of the companies provided extensive information about certain measurable predispositions and some very critical dispositions in a very specific and customized way. This was extremely critical in that it provided very specific information on his body and his body alone.

After spending more than a year testing over 70 different algorithms, he'd (Apollos) developed for eating and exercise, Apollos concluded that the possibilities were endless. Now with 40 algorithms of his own, he put to practice his new fitness matrix.

In four short months he lost more than 42 pounds, reduced his bodyfat by 24% and added more than 25 pounds of muscle and increased his overall strength by 37%. Most importantly, none of the health issues he'd previously were present, and every last illness diagnoses from Diabetes Type II to Osteoporosis was now undetectable. Hence, Genetic Fitness Matrix, Inc. was born.

Benjamin Apollos

Champion, Statesman, Scholar, Entrepreneur

"The Fitness Doctor"

Since 1984

  • LIFE FITNESS 2012, No. 1 Male Trainer in The World

  • All Natural Professional Bodybuilder (National Gym Association)

  • Bodybuilder of the Year (National Physique Committee)

  • U.S. Armed Forces National & World Bodybuilding Champion

  • Mr. California Champion

  • Mr. Florida Overall Champion

  • Mr. San Diego Champion

  • Mr. West Coast Overall Champion

  • Mr. Pacific USA Overall Champion

  • Jr. USA Runner-Up

  • Mr. North America, 3rd Place

  • Mr. USA, 5th Place

  • Mr. America, 4th Place

  • Licensed General Contractor, Georgia State Licensing Board

  • Certified, Lead Instructor for Fitness Certifications, The Apollos Institute. Inc.

  • Certified Personal Trainer, NASM (National Association of Sports Medicine)

  • National Physique Committee Member

  • National Gym Association Member

  • Author, Mastering Self-Control, Scripturally Support

  • Author, Mastering Self-Control, Philosophical Version

  • Author, Mastering Self-Control For TEENAGERS. Scripturally Support

  • Author, Mastering Self-Control For Law Enforcement Officers

  • Author, Personal Trainer Certification Manual, The Apollos Institute, Inc. (1047 pages), October 1998 – 2019

  • Author, Personal Health Expert, A Level 6 Personal Trainer 2014 - 2019

  • Author, Quality Of Life Assessments 2014 - 2019

  • Author, The Fitness Salesman, One of a kind, 1999, 1st – 5th editions

  • Author, Personal Training Studio Operations Manual 1998 - 2019

  • Author, Personal Training Sales & Operations Manual 1998 - 2019

  • Author, Personal Trainer Certification Manual, American Council on Health & Fitness, Inc., Oct. 1998 - 2009

  • Author, Aerobics Instructor Certification Manual, American Council on Health & Fitness, Inc., Oct. 1998 - 2008

  • Author, The Health & Fitness Witness Newsletter, American Council on Health & Fitness, Inc., Oct. 1998-2008

  • Fitness & Nutrition Subject Matter Expert, WAOK 1380 AM Christian Radio, April 1999 - 1004

  • Health & Fitness Columnist, AHEADD Christian Magazine, December 1998 - 1999

  • Author, UFOC, Opening and Franchising Fitness Centers, 1999 - 2019

  • Author, UFOC, Opening and Franchising Personal Training Studios 2012 - 2019

  • Author, Fitness Assessment for Fitness Professionals, 2014 - 2019

  • Author, T.O.P.S Fitness Assessment Systems, 2014

  • Author, The Naked Truth (A Litany on modern day DNA testing and its use for fitness), Current work

  • Author, Mastering Self-Control, Franchise of books,

  • Author, Mastering Self-Control, Adult,

  • Author, Mastering Self-Control, Philosophical,

  • Author, Mastering Self-Control Teenage

  • Author, Mastering Self-Control for Children

  • Author, Mastering Self-Control for

  • Law Enforcement

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